Wild Boys – William S. Burroughs

Now I don’t really have any idea what exactly the storyling was in Wild Boys, but I viewed it as a collection of some nice prose.   Which is perfect for me at the moment because recently, instead of searching for peoples philosphies on life in books, I find myself in search of inspiration to write myself.

Tio Mate Smiles, the first chapter gave me the urge to write summaries of people I know’s personalities using imaginative metaphores and give them all Mexican pseudonyms so I don’t accidentally directly insult (or dangerously over-flatter) anyone.

One paragraph beginning ‘his magic consists in’ inspired this small interpretation of part of a companions personality

His magic exists from a hypnotic, inadvertant demand of attention as he interrupts the Parade of Death and takes the stage, to unashamedly seize the higher pleasures they fear to reach.
Dead and unborn onlookers wallow in their weakness, as the shame they emit fails to penetrate him and rebounds with force as he shoves it down their throats and they choke, vomiting up a jealous mess of many made up morals purely to justify their cowardliness and they sink back down to worthlessness.
Rats of sumbission gnaw on his ankles but they fail to make him buckle and bow to necessity.

Another chapter in the book offers what I apreciate as a good summary of how devoting your life to a job you don’t enjoy will kill you (or rather your soul, which is as good as being dead).  You will only eat and shit for necessity, and the latter is due to inevitable loneliness.

‘In the fields workers are planting maize seeds under the direction of an overseer with staff and headdress.  Close-up of a worker’s face.  Whatever it is that makes a man a man, all feeling and all soul has gone out in that face.  Nothing is left but body needs and body pleasures.  I have seen faces like that in the back wards of state hospitals for the insane.  Faces that live to eat, shit and masturbate.’

Another chapter, Le Gran Luxe describes some kind of haven where everything is available to satisfy all your consumable needs, be it food, paragliding, educational interests (the latter from which the following quote is taken) and strangely a discription of computers that have all the information for any question on any subhect you could possible be curious about… like the internet, the strange bit is that it was written in 1969.

‘an educational short showing how le gran luxe can be achieved on a modest income.’ : ‘you see it’s all so simple home is where your ass is and if you want to move you move your ass the first step is learning to change homes with someone else and have someone else’s ass.’

Le Gran Luxe has instilled a streak of inspiration inside me to want to either set up my own ‘Butlins’ (never been, only guessing) style camp but with a suitable economy where living there is a lifestyle, not just a holiday, or to stop reading and get outside and make the most of the available physical indulgences this world already has to offer me!

This next quote I found comical and comforting for us slow learners out there:

‘Before my father started using morphine again he sent me to a Japanese person to learn something called Karate.  I learn these things fast because I am blank inside, and I have no special way of moving or doing things so one way is the same to me as another. ‘

And this next one is just funny:

‘I felt a shiver in the back of my neck as if a small animal with a cold nose has just nuzzled me there.’

This one is funny when taken out of context (I wonder whether that was intentional…):

‘It reeked of treachery but we were blinded by the terrible Bor Bor they were putting in our food and drink.  Bor Bor is the drug of female illusion and it is said that he who takes Bor Bor cannot see a wild boy until it is too late.’

Well it turns out ‘The Wild Boys is a futuristic tale of global warfare in which a guerrila gang of boys dedicated to freedom battles the organized armies of repressive police states’.  This following quote I think sums that up, with an extreme, disturbing (and perhaps fascinating?) example, showing just what doing whatever the Hell you want for your own personal pleasure and/or experience with reckless regard and no consideration for others could lead to.

‘I saw the Colonel empty his revolver and go down under ten wild boys.  A moment later they tossed his bleeding head into the air and started a ball game.  Just at dusk the wild boys got up and padded away.  They left the bodies stripped to the skin many with genitals cut off.  The wild boys make little testicles in which they carry their hasish and khat.’

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