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Claire Martin – Downtown East Side

Claire Martin is from Australia and was a social worker before becoming a photographer.  She documents marginialised communities living in desperate conditions in otherwise prosperous countries.  These photos were took in the Downtown East Side in Vancouver of people who … Continue reading

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Sally Mann – Immediate Family

Sally Mann is a photographer from rural southwestern Virginia, the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.   She took a series of photos documenting her children, Emmet, Jessie and Virginia’s childhood from 1984 to 1991.  She used damaged lenses and an … Continue reading

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Wild Boys – William S. Burroughs

Now I don’t really have any idea what exactly the storyling was in Wild Boys, but I viewed it as a collection of some nice prose.   Which is perfect for me at the moment because recently, instead of searching … Continue reading

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Lewis W. Hine

I feel shamed to admit it, but this photograph has been forever etched into my mind, years ago, as possibly the best photo I have ever seen, of portraying ‘looking cool’. Slight shame about acknowledging this effortlessly ‘cool’ look stems … Continue reading

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